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We are living in a world of profound change. The technology helps you drive and define your business, as well as your personal lives.For those of you, who are prepared for this change, there is a profound opportunity.
Do you wonder, like we do, what the world is going to look like in the next ten years?If you don’t, We have the…
One thing is certain, that you have the choice! You can either make the future or you can be overtaken by it.
We can help you to make your choice more logical. Our team is here to equip you and your business with advanced software technologies.
One thing that we have learned through the world’s fast growing businesses is to never underestimate the pace of innovation! We provide you innovative tools!

Our Portfolio

Development and design for web and mobile apps - get all services under one roof.
  • Revolutionary and radical initiative made by the PayPol young, creative and innovative team to bring more facility, harmonization, systematization into the work of our Dentists in Aghan Dentist Community.
    Work in progress means, we are steadily and constantly in touch with our cooperative and highly motivated dentists.
    We need your constructive feedback for the growth and expansion of Denta in Afghanistan.

  • PayPol is Afghanistan's first mobile banking solution that lets you transfer funds within seconds, through your smart phone.
    PayPol's advanced features for businesses and individuals also include e-taxation, payroll, bill payment, top-up recharge and more.

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Our ultimate desire is to enhance your business capacity to its fullest potential by designing and developing the most advanced software solutions.
Imagine for a while! What is your perspective, and where do you see your place comparing to your competitors?
Our passionate and talented team is ready to open the highway of success, just only by building up your business infrastructure, and by connecting you to the world of magic, creativity, invention and innovation of software tech.
The Agile development methods, which is our favorite, offer the potential to drastically decrease the software development costs and risks.


Dr. Zabehullah Hakim Alikozay

H. Alikozay Dental Clinic

“It is a great pleasure to have a sense of security, autonomy in business and full-time management in these hectic and stressing working days. To fulfill my dream would not have happened if I would not have changed my method of working, and If I had not started using software technology. By using well-designed and user-friendly software product “Denta”, I started to experience dramatically change in my business. I am really satisfied since we could have been able to manage our work by using Denta. Denta is a software product, designed and developed by an experienced team at PayPol Software Solution Company, that helped us enjoy our work, organize our data management and bring value to our business.” Dr. Alikozay.

Dr. Ahmad Zia Noori

Noori Dental Clinic

“I personally use DENTA, an application developed by PayPol Software Company for my clinic’s daily operations. By having a secure and reliable database, DENTA helped me stop wasting money on buying papers for record keeping and data storage. I am satisfied and strongly recommend it to every other clinic and hospital.” Doctor Ahmad Zia Noori

Dr. Sayed Asadullah Mosavi

Dr. Mosavi Dental Clinic

“DENTA helps you save money and avoid paper waste. It also helped me keep my records computerized and accessible anytime, anywhere. DENTA is a web based applicaton developed by PayPol Software Development Compnany.
Dr. Mosavi



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Why Paypol Software Company?

Our Burning Desire is the Systematization, Harmonization, Organization and Growth of your businesses.

We offer you the most advanced software technologies in order to empower you, your business, your team
and expand your business infrastructure, reduce your time consumption and financial costs.



Paypolsoftware technology supports your vision by creating the opportunities to expand your business internationally.


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We believe the world depends to the fast. If you don’t move faster and wiser than your business competitors, they will do it, and, sooner or later, you would loose your values, reputation....



You can experience easy project management with PayPolsoftware, an open shared workspace that connect people to the ideas and information they need to manage their business tasks.



Our visionary mindset in validates our ability to offer our clients and users leading software technologies ...



Our compassionate team will carefully listen to our clients and create a mutual understanding atmosphere to match the needs for our valuable customers...



Paypolsoftware helps customers to better plan, and execute projects in high-risk high-visibility environments. PayPolSofteware leverages a “best-of-breed” Agile framework

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